Our Founder
Mark G. Clinard studied Biology at Guilford College to begin a career in Medical Supply, but instead found wine more interesting, which eventually led him to a career in wholesale wine sales to restaurants. He was recruited by a local wholesaler in Greensboro NC, and then moved back to his native DC to join Forman Brothers distribution company in northern VA.

Southern Slopes International hired Mark to work on their expansive portfolio that included suppliers such as Caymus, Rutherford Hill, Prestige Wine Group, Chalk Hill and Groth.

As the Australian wine market heated up in the early 90’s, Mark joined Rosemount Estates as Director of Sales and Marketing, where he headed up the mid-Atlantic division and was promoted to the Director of National Accounts calling on customers like Morton’s Steakhouse and Marriott International. It was here where Mark learned how to manage the business aspect of wine, overseeing budgets for both the regional territory and the national account restaurants.

In 1999, Mark became a partner at Click Wine Group, which launched several international wine brands like Fat Bastard, Root 1, and Clean Slate. In 2005, Mark went out on his own and founded the Well Oiled Wine Company, focusing primarily on Spanish, Chilean, and Portuguese wines.

Mark continued his journey discovering rare and high-altitude winegrowing regions to deliver wines that are truly one of a kind. He created and launched a new brand called Beaufort & Scott (Altitude Series), which procured wines from the well-known high elevation vineyards in the world.

His last venture is Both Barrels Wine Company (BBWC), a Miami based distributor focusing on family owned wineries from Spain, France, Italy, Portugal, Washington State, and California, that impart unique flavor profiles and have a strong sense of the region’s terroir.

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